Written By Jeff Howard

The powerful story of two unlikely friends brought together by change and an unworldly connection neither one can explain. Together…read more.

"This book broke me! Very well written and completely emotional. Five Stars!"
- Bookswithsally, Mini Book Reviews

Written To Drive Change In School Mental Health Programs

Screw You Van Gogh is more than just a young adult novel to help kids understand the struggles of mental health. It is wrapped into The Tommi Project, a four-week literature circle curriculum developed by Jeff and to be taught in grades 9 or 10 Language Arts classes. The curriculum meets academic standards required by most high schools as well as Social Emotional Learning (SEL) standards endorsed by Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL.)

About Jeff Howard

At one time Jeff Howard never thought he would become a writer. Being born and raised in the lake country of northern Minnesota, his passions lay more in the world of fish and animals and woods and lakes. He was given the love of reading by his mother who read to him and his brothers the stories of Dr. Seuss and Laura Ingalls Wilder. As he got older he read every book he could find on nature and natural history. The thought of writing books, though, never crossed his mind.

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