Screw You Van Gogh

by Jeff Howard


The powerful story of two unlikely friends brought together by change and an unworldly connection neither one can explain. Together they navigate teenage relationships, dysfunctional families, self discovery, the terrifying impact of teenage mental health, and, ultimately, the choice to live. Cassidy Towers, a cynical girl made smart by a tough life, finds herself in a new school with no friends, no hope, and an attitude to match. That is until Tommi Bounds, a tall fast-talking red head with no filter decides otherwise and sets out to reinvent Cassidy. Enter a cast of characters: Tommi’s cute cousin Patrick, obsessive compulsive Jules, hippie throwback Tina, a country music quoting mom, and a quirky but well-meaning school counselor. Screw You Van Gogh takes you through an intense, authentic look into the emotional lives of today’s teenagers.

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