Don’t Go To War With Your Kids

Whenever a teenager wanted to discuss a personal emotional predicament, it didn’t take long before they brought up fighting at home. Whether the child was doing poorly in school, hanging out with the wrong friends, experimenting with drugs, or whatever, a by product was always conflict at home. And as defiant and rebellious as the […]

Schools Earn Poor Grades In Mental Health Supports

As a high school counselor during this past decade, I’ve had a front row seat to a frightening trend as the number of students who sought counseling for anxiety and depression skyrocketed. And when a tragedy happened, the first look for reasons was invariably at the schools: What happened? What are you doing about it? […]

Our Kids’ Emotional Perfect Storm

It is estimated that ten percent of our nation’s children and adolescents experience a serious emotional disturbance (SED), and 80 percent of those do not receive needed services. During my last year of counseling I had weekly group session for students who wanted to discuss mental health. As many as twenty students would come … […]