Advising and Training

Develop a Comprehensive School Mental Health Program

Research is clear that the school environment is often the best place for emotionally fragile adolescents and children to get support and help that can save their lives. Through the federal Mental Health In Schools Act (H.R. 628) public schools are mandated to develop a Comprehensive School Mental Health Program (CSMHP).

Developing a CSMHP does not have to be expensive nor add additional duties to staff. Effectively using school counselors, providing targeted training to teachers and school staff, and adopting targeted curriculum can comprise the basis of a sound CSMHP.

Get Staff and Teacher Training

A well-trained staff aware of the impact mental health disorders can have on their students is critical to any CSMHP. Even more important is the knowledge teachers and staff need to communicate with students and become sources of support when an emotional student reaches out to them. In many states, teachers are required to have CEU training in mental health and suicide awareness for re-licensure.

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